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Created by experts and Top faculties as per latest exam trend. Provides you a real exam interface with comprehensive question patterns.

Standard Mock Tests

Standard and High quality exam-oriented mocks. Practice these mocks provided with detailed solutions, tips & tricks. Provides your detailed performance analytics and ranking.

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Explanations are provided with short tips & tricks. Video Solutions are available for some questions. Personalised approach for solutions by our experts.


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Online Mock Test Series for Banking & Insurance Exams:

Here our professional expert’s team has prepared the online mock test series for banking, insurance, railway and ssc examinations. Hope our mock test series will be helpful for the preparation process which enhances your overall performance in the real exam scenario.

Salient Features of Our Mock Test Series

  • Complete Online Test Series Package - Rs. 249.
  • Prepare for Multiple exams (Bank + Insurance + SSC + Railway).
  • A whopping number of 2000+ Tests.
  • 500+ Sectional tests for prelims and mains.
  • 500+ Topic tests for prelims and mains.
  • Can access on the website and mobile app 24*7.
  • Based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Detailed performance analysis.

Bundle PDF

Are you weak in a particular topic or section? Don’t worry, Bundle PDF is the real saviour for you. The Bundle PDF is available for various topics and subjects:

  • Complete Grammar rules with Examples
  • Data Interpretation
  • DI + Caselet
  • Puzzles + Seating Arrangement
  • Banking Awareness
  • Current Affairs

Avail these Bundle PDFs and excel in all topics to crack your dream exam.

Video Courses

Video learning is one of the best ways to catch the concepts in a clear manner. Learn from your favourite & experienced Trainers at an affordable price range.

Bank Exams Video Course in Tamil:

  • Useful for All Bank Prelims & Mains Exams
  • 90+ Videos for English Language
  • 245+ Videos for Reasoning Ability
  • 180+ Videos for Quantitative Aptitude
  • 30+ Videos for Banking Awareness

RRB NTPC Video Course:

  • Bilingual Questions available
  • A consolidated 100+ hrs videos
  • 1200+ Questions in Reasoning
  • 1200+ Questions in Maths
  • 1600+ Questions in General Knowledge

Banking Awareness Video Course:

  • Covers all topics in Static Banking
  • 34+ Lessons taken in an interesting manner

As per your needs, purchase the video course available here. You will gain a good learning experience.


One of our smart study materials for the competitive exams is e-books. We have provided e-books for all the sections which come under the banking and insurance examinations.

Features of e-Books:

  • Available for all prelims and mains (bank+insurance exams).
  • Easily downloadable.
  • Free PDFs are available.
  • Can access on the website and mobile app 24*7.
  • At affordable prices.
  • Expected questions in a separate PDF.


Our Great Team


Reasoning Trainer Cleared RRB PO in 2016 and 2018 Twice


Aptitude Trainer Cleared IBPS PO & SBI PO in 2017


English Trainer Cleared IBPS Clerk & IBPS PO in 2018


Check our Pricing

Bank Exams Video Course - Tamil


  • 90+ English Videos
  • 245+ Reasoning Videos
  • 180+ Quants Videos
  • 30+ Banking Awareness

Mock Test Package

299 / 12 month

  • All Major Bank/Insu Mock Tests
  • All Major SSC/Railway Mock Tests
  • All Subjects Ebooks
  • Sectional/Topic Tests
  • Validity 1 Year  

Current Affairs Subscription

199 / 12 month

  • Monthly CA Capsule PDF
  • Monthly CA MCQ's PDF
  • Monthly CA Oneliners PDF
  • 1 Year Validity


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